Doreen Majala Foundation (DMF) is a Kenyan-based non-profit organization founded by Doreen Majala to advocate for a culture of literacy in students by building reading rooms in primary schools in economically deprived areas across Kenya. In 2017, our founder embarked on a research tour to remote villages across Kenya to gather findings on literacy levels. She was inspired to work towards ending the cycle of illiteracy by creating a culture of reading both inside and outside the classroom.

The reading rooms have diverse learning materials of subject areas such as Language, Reading and Writing, Newspapers, Story books, and STEAM books (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

The foundation is open to partner with organizations and individuals who are dedicated to promoting literacy and library development in Kenya.

The foundation also runs a girl child empowerment program Beyond Pink which aims to support the participation and active performance of girl child education in line with the Government of Kenya’s Vision 20230 towards achieving inclusivity in provision of quality basic education. The program seeks to address the challenges through community civic eduction, girl child mentorship and provision of necessities.


A world where education positively contributes to each child’s ability to reach their potential.


Inspire a culture of literacy in students, empower them to be critical thinkers, innovators and skillful through our Reading Room Program.


  • To promote a reading culture.
  • To improve vocabulary and writing skills.
  • To provide free and open access to information resources.
  • To provide a flexible learning space that promotes Imagination, Creativity, Innovation and Collaboration.
  • To encourage students to be creators, communicators, critical and innovative thinkers.
  • To promote heritage through provision of materials on religion, culture and ethnicity.